How do I request photography?

Please request barcode verifications or product photography on our website MyGS1

Type in your user name and password.  (If you do not have login details call GS1 to be set up).

In the main menu, click Verify your barcode scans - Order a verification report or Product Photography

In this screen you can enter the barcode details.

Step 1 Enter the Product GTIN etc

If the Previous verifications prompt appears, press Continue

Step 2 Select one of the following options:

I want GS1 to complete a Barcode Verification Report

I want GS1 to take images of my product

I want both a barcode verification report and images taken of my product

Step 3 Select the trading partner you require or Prepare me for anyone.  NB If selecting photography and you choose any Foodstuffs company or Prepare me for anyone the Foodstuffs photography requirement for photographing the marketing face/s will be triggered.   This means that where there is another face on the product that might also be used for marketing this will be photographed also, incurring the cost of another shot.

Step 4 Don't select anything just click 'Next'

A prompt will appear confirming your selection.  Press Confirm    

Step 5 Fill in the product information

Step 6 Decide if you want the product returned or if the product has never been in the market and is confidential, select Confidential.  

Step 7 Select what you want to do next such as entering other products or sending in the application now.

Push the SUBMIT button.


An email confirming your request will be sent to you.  Please print this email and include it with the samples you send in to us for photography.  Please ensure that what you send is in a good state to photograph, free of damage, marks etc.


If sending artwork, attach your PDF with dimensions to the email and forward it to


Version 1.1 – Updated 25th October 2018

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