DHB National Catalogue UNSPSC short list

This UNSPSC short list for the DHB National Catalogue can be used to find suitable UNSPSC codes. This is a list of just over 12,000 codes as opposed to the full list that has over 59000 codes.  This list was created by the DHB Catalogue Team to identify the codes that could potentially be used for DHB items.  If there is no suitable code in this excel spreadsheet, please refer to the full list of UNSPSC codes.

The codes on this list are all Level 4 Commodity Codes with the exception of the Pharmaceutical codes which include Level 3, Class Level codes.  This was allowed for Pharmaceuticals as the available codes were very limited for the NZ market.

When searching for a code - less is more - try searching by a key word - such as scissor, or forcep, or catheter.  There are some occasions where it is better to use only part of the word as the word may have several variations - for example - cardiac, cardio, cardiovascular etc  - here it is better to search for "cardi" - this way you would get all variations.


This list is created in the United States, therefore the language is US  - e.g. there is no "nappy"  - you have to use diaper.


Note: the comments in red font have been added by the DHB Catalogue team to help better describe the code or to define when a code should be used.


Created:  February 2014                                             Last Reviewed:  8/01/2020


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