What is GS1 accreditation?

A company with GS1 Accreditation has received advanced training from GS1 and operates the same type of barcode testing equipment that GS1 uses.   The company will be subject to GS1 audits to ensure that it maintains the same testing methods and standards as GS1.

Printers and packaging suppliers with GS1 accreditation are not authorised to issue formal GS1 reports because they cannot control what their customers may do with the label or package that may affect the barcode before the product enters the market.   They do however perform all of the GS1 tests before releasing the label or package.   As long as the customer does nothing to compromise the barcode such as covering it with tape or allowing the filled package to bulge and distort the barcode obtaining a final report form GS1 should be a mere formality.

GS1 recommends the services of accredited print and packaging suppliers. 


Version 1.0 5 Jun 2015


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