What is Code 128? Is it the same as the other barcodes with "128" in their names?

Code 128 is a very versatile type of barcode (symbology) that can encode any of the symbols on a keyboard.  There are 128 in all.

GS1 adopted a variant of Code 128 for use when there was a need to put into a barcode a complex string of numbers that included the GTIN of a product and additional data such as batch number, use-by date or such like.

The variant is now known as GS1-128 but because GS1 was known by different names throughout its history the previous names of the variant will still be found in software and literature.   It may be called;





All of these names effectively mean the same, GS1-128

Do not use ordinary Code 128 to encode GS1 numbers.  The result will be a barcode that will not work. 


Version 1.0 5 Jun 2015

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