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Foodstuffs actively support the efficient management of recalls and withdrawal as this in turn assists in minimising any possible risk to the consumer. ProductRecallNZ is Foodstuffs’ preferred method for the communication of information regarding product recall and withdrawals in New Zealand.

The use of ProductRecallNZ does not replace direct communication with Foodstuffs. For all recalls and withdrawals please contact Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island and if applicable Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd support offices as early as possible.

Note - Foodstuffs now managed the adding and suspending of users within Foodstuffs stores. Please contact Lauren or Jocelyn (details below) if you require store users to be updated.

Foodstuffs North Island:

Mark Casey (Manager Regulatory Services)

Phone: (09) 621 0633

Cellphone: 021 512 362

and Tatiana Sanchez (Regulatory Services)

Phone: (09) 621 0600 ext 2113

Cellphone: 027 615 3258

Foodstuffs South Island:

Jocelyn Thornley (Food Safety Manager)

Phone: (03) 353 8700

Cellphone: 021 957 537

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