Woolworths NZ Communication Requirements

ProductRecallNZ is a significant industry initiative designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product withdrawals and recalls. Woolworths plays a key role in ensuring consumer safety through the products we sell. We are very supportive of this industry initiative which will feed directly into our internal PWRM withdrawal/recall system.

The use of ProductRecallNZ does not replace direct communication with Woolworths NZ as early as possible. Please contact Mark Bell, National Compliance and Food Safety Manager on 09 255 2148 or 027 243 4315.

For items sold through SuperValue and/or FreshChoice please select 'Woolworths New Zealand Limited' as a recipient in ProductRecallNZ. In addition, please communicate with your Head Office Contact at SuperValue and/or FreshChoice.

Note - Woolworths NZ manages the process of adding and suspending users within Progressive stores. If you need user details updated for product recall, please contact your Head Office Contact.

Version 1.2: Last updated August 2018

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