Why do I Need Barcode Verification Each Year?

A barcode verification test assesses the

  1. correctness of the number in the barcode,
  2. the dimensions of the barcode symbol
  3. the location of the barcode symbol
  4. the reflective properties of the material the barcode is printed on

Even if a barcode appears completely unchanged over time the least that will happen is that the printer of the label or package will be using different batches of material on each print run. 

Changes in reflective properties will occur between batches of ink and substrate and these can affect the results of a barcode verification test. 

Strictly speaking a verification report is valid only for the print run from which the tested sample came but one year has been chosen as a realistic validity period.

GS1 regularly sees other changes that have occurred in the year since a previous barcode verification.  Packaging redesigns are common and these sometimes involve changes to the height, size or colour of a barcode.  

Annual barcode verification is also important not just for checking the barcode’s continued scanning performance but also for monitoring other important on-pack changes.

Online shops and space management software require current images and dimensions.   In addition online retailers require up to date nutritional and ingredient information on the products they are selling.   GS1 now gathers these for the major grocery companies.  This is verified at the time of a barcode verification test.


Version 1.1 – Updated 8th March 2017

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