How to Complete a Mock Notification

 This is the video guide for completing a Mock Notification in ProductRecallNZ. Before starting a mock notification we highly recommend you watch the full video, below this paragraph, and then begin.  To watch a specific section again, please click directly on the hyperlinks (sections 1 to 9) below the video.  

For best viewing experience, click the play button, then the 'Full Screen' or 'Watch in Youtube' icons on the bottom right of the player.

Jump directly to a video section below:

1. Introduction

2. Creating a Mock Notification

3. Help Features

4. MPI Regulator Form

5. Adding Products

6. Adding Recipients

7. Submitting for Approval

8. Progress Reports

9. Downloading a Copy

1. Introduction

2. Creating a Notification

3. Help Features

4. MPI Regulator Form

5. Adding Products

6. Adding Recipients

7. Submitting for Approval

8. Progress Reports

9. Downloading a Copy


Version 1.3 – Updated 5 December 2017

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