How do I delete an image from MediaLibrary?

I want to remove images which are no longer current from MediaLibrary. How do I do it?

Below are steps to deactivate images:

1. Log in to MediaLibrary

2. Click on "REVIEW CATALOGUE" at the top of the page to start. 



3. To deactivate images, select the images to deactivate and click "Deactivate" or "Deactivate Multiple".



4. If you need to reactivate images, click on the "Inactive" button next to the search field to display inactive images.
Then, select the images to activate and click "Activate" or "Activate Multiple"



Note: If you are unable to see the "REVIEW CATALOGUE" tab at the top, please contact our Support Team.


Contact GS1 and we can do that for you.

Just send your request to with: 
 - your company name
 - the GTIN(s) and product description



 Version 1.3 – Updated 1st July 2019

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