Entering data in your ProductVault - Bulk Upload


Now you have a range of barcode numbers allocated to your company, you can enter the details of your products into your Product Vault manually, or if you have lots of items you can put them in a spreadsheet and we can do it for you.

To do this, you will need to send your data in on our Product Vault Upload Template. You can find the template in Product Vault by heading to the "Enter product information for multiple products in this number range" area, then click the download option.



Charges will apply based on the number of products to upload, the amount of data to load, and how much rework the data needs. An outline of fees is shown on the first tab. 

Enter the items into the spreadsheet. If the products do not have a barcode yet just leave the column blank and the system will generate them. You can hover over the column headings for help on what is required. Send us a small sample to start with and we'll review it at no cost to make sure you're on the right track. 

Contact the Support Team to get the ProductVault Bulk Upload spreadsheet, or if you require further information - 0800 10 23 56 



V1.1 updated 8/12/2020




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