NPC Helpsheets

We have developed an Excel-based help sheets which some suppliers find very useful.

  1. The NPC Helpsheet contains a tool to help build your descriptions and a full code list for those using the NPC upload tool as well as a sheet to help with weight and measure calculations.  See attachment
  2. To help with those pesky weights and measures calculations we also have a Tool called "The unofficial Super Duper Weights and Measures Calculator" It can auto-calculate many fields across a product hierarchy, and also determine from a handful of inputs additional information such as weights of packaging materials, pallet configuration, volumes, net and gross weights. It will also tell you if the information you input is not quite right. This is very handy if you change a pallet config and need to recalculate the Pallet information. Try it Today! 



Created:  16 Feb 2017                                     Last Updated:  8/02/2020

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