Managing Private Receivers/Sites on ProductRecallNZ

Adding a New Private Receiver

To add a new private receiver, the head/support office needs to contact Chris contact by email on and provide a template with all required details to add the site. 

The template can be found attached below this article. 

Once the request has been received, it will be added to the system and will be available within the next 3 working days. 

Please Note that a private receiver must have users attached in order to be a recipient for notifications.

Editing Details of a Current Private Receiver

If a private receiver needs to be renamed or have its address details or settings changed, please contact Chris on

If users need to be added, edited or suspended, in most cases this will be handled internally by the support office. Please give Jennifer an email if you require assistance with users. 

Removing a Private Receiver

If a private receiver needs to be removed from the system, please contact Jennifer on  

Please let us know if any of the users are to be transferred, or are already attached, (using the same username and email) to another private receiver. 

 Version 1.3: Last updated 9 August 2022

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