Can you just do it all for me?

Certainly! If you can send us your final product* we can collect & digitise your product information, take high quality product imagery and verify your product barcodes to your retailer's specific requirements. This information will then be made available to Foodstuffs and/or Woolworths New Zealand.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below. ProductFlow will then instruct you where to send your shelf-ready product and flat-pack-cartons to for processing. The 'shopping basket' in the application will update with prices for the below activities - which depend on how much you want us to do.


  1. Log in to myGS1 here (it should take you directly to the ProductFlow menu)
  2. Fill in Steps 1 through 7, at Step 4, select the 3 options below:


* Often suppliers won't have their final product 8-weeks before launch. If this is the case, simply indicate this in the ProductFlow application "I don't have my final product". We can still enter product data, which we will obtain from you, and load on your behalf. Product Images and barcode verification are not required until you have an actual shelf-ready product.

 Version 1.2 – Updated 29th August 2018

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