Can you just do it all for me?

Note: This article only applies for those users not currently on our NPC Rapid platform

If you would like GS1 to do ProductFlow for you, you can simply send us your final product and shipper* (if applicable) and we will load your product data into NPC, take images, verify your product barcodes and capture your On-Pack data. This information will then be made available to Foodstuffs and/or Woolworths New Zealand.

*If you don't have a final product we can still enter your product data in NPC so this will be available for your retailers before launch. Step 4, will guide you through it; product images, barcode verification, are not required until you have an actual shelf-ready product, so select the last option.


  1. Log in to myGS1, it should take you directly to the ProductFlow menu. If not on your left-hand side click on Barcode > Verify your Barcode Scans > Order a Verification Report
  2. Fill in Steps 1 through 7 as below:

Step 1:


Step 2:  Select your retailer, you can select more than one, if applicable.


Step 3: Enter the name of the product and GTIN


Step 4: Request what you would like. The request is divided into Product Data, Images and Verification, the below is in the scenario that you need GS1 to complete all the services, but please select different options in case, for example, you have your own images or have a barcode verification from Australia. 

Product Data:


Images: The system selects 2 types of images by default (minimum retailer's requirement) but you can select as many as you want. 


Verification: You can request a Barcode Verification Report for your base, inner and/or case. If you have one from Australia you can load it up there too. 


Step 5: Provide additional data about your product, like the number of units per shipper, net content, etc. 


Steps 6 and 7 are really intuitive and there's no need to explain them in detail. 


 Version 1.2 – Updated 29th August 2018

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